3 Tips To Save Money On Freight Delivery Services

If you ship your products to your customers or to your distributors, you probably know just how costly shipping can be. These shipping charges can make it difficult for you to bring in a profit, so you could be looking for an alternative way of doing things. Luckily, if you are willing to follow a few tips and make a few changes, you might find that you can save a bundle on necessary freight delivery services.

1. Purchase Shipping Supplies from Your Carrier

One quick and easy way to save money is by purchasing all of your shipping supplies from your carrier. Some companies will charge you a higher rate if you are shipping items in non-standard boxes; this is because boxes that are sized or shaped differently than the rest of the packages in the truck can be difficult to stack and can take up more space. If you purchase standard-sized and -shaped boxes from your carrier, however, you'll generally enjoy a lower rate.

2. Work With Various Carriers

Don't assume that you should do all of your business with just one carrier. Different companies offer different rates on different types of shipments. For example, you might find that one company offers a lower rate for smaller packages, while another company might give you a better rate with your bigger items.

3. Go for a Regional Freight Delivery Service

Although it might seem natural to go with the big national companies when shipping your products, you should look into regional options. Many of these companies are smaller and are competing for business, so they might offer you a lower rate if you are shipping products to customers within your region. Plus, since you're dealing with a smaller company, it will probably be easier to negotiate rates, ask questions or find out what is going on with your delivery. Basically, you'll get a more personal experience that might be a lot more affordable as well.

If your company is like many, you probably find yourself spending a lot of money on freight delivery services. Luckily, if you give these three tips a try, you are sure to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. This is sure to help boost your bottom line and help your company thrive while still allowing you to get your products to your customers quickly. Contact a professional deliver service, like Transdel Delivery Service, for more information on their rates and service fees.