3 Key Skills You Need To Become A Fleet Ship Manager

Fleet jobs are very rewarding. These positions allow you see the world and to become a better leader. A fleet ship manager is a key position within a Maritime organization. You are responsible for all budgetary control and operational aspects of your company's vessels. Here are three key skills you need to become a fleet ship manager.

Experience As A Technical Superintendent

It helps to have previous experience as a technical superintendent working in shipping. A position as a technical superintendent puts you on an excellent path for a career within the Maritime industries. To get employed in this position, you would need a degree in a related field or hold an internationally recognized shipping qualification. An ideal candidate should have previously sailed at sea as a 2nd engineer or chief engineer.

The main responsibility of a ship technical superintendent is to monitor the ships performance and vessel movements from a technical and mechanical aspect on a daily basis. Other duties include monitoring the condition of your vessel, making sure ship's staff comply with safety and management policies.

Be A Good Communicator

If you want to succeed in the shipping industry, then you are going to need good communication skills. You are going to have contact with people that work at different levels on your ships. Good communication skills must also come across in your writing. Writing reports in a structured and clear manner are part of your duties.

Good Organization Skills

Being organized and efficient is a must for a fleet ship manager. People who work in this position are going to be managing more than one ship. Your experience level and the size of your company determines the amount of ships that you manage.

This position also requires you to work closely with a team. You need to know everyone's job and make sure the person is carrying out their part. If someone on your team does not complete their part, then it looks bad on you as a leader.

Good organization skills are a major part of overseeing the operation of your vessels. You have to make sure your vessels are operating economically, efficiently and safely. It is a standard that you must maintain. Running your vessels efficiently helps with fulfilling organization requirements and commercial contracts.

Getting a degree is the first step to getting your foot in the door for any industry. It helps to understand the requirements for getting your dream job.