Three Shipping Options That Get Your Package into a Delivery System

Most people, when they need to ship a package, will walk into the post office to mail it. However, they are missing out on several options that could make shipping packages so much easier. These newer shipping conveniences are not that well known, but once you are aware of them, you can plan your entire daily task list around when, where, and how to ship your package.

Package Pickup Service from Home

If you see someone in your neighborhood with packages on the front stoop and the postal service is not dropping them off but actually picking them up, then you might wonder how this works. The US postal service only recently started offering this service, but it saves a lot of time and money traveling to the post office to mail it from there. Essentially, you go to the post office's website, print a label, schedule a pickup date, and then put the package where you expect the postal worker to pick it up. The postal service is not the only shipping company or organization to offer this, either. Several other shipping companies offer the same residential package pickup service. One such company you might want to check out is Sand Box - Pack & Ship Resource Center.

Shipping from a Business Supply Store

Along with printing and copying services, many business supply stores now offer package shipping services, too. If you know that you are already going to be in the store to pick up other office necessities, you can mail your package while you are there. An employee will weigh the package and print a shipping label for you, if you have not already done that. For added convenience, you can even check out at the package shipping and printing counter so that you do not have to wait in two checkout lines to accomplish all of your tasks in the store.

Satellite Shipping Offices in Strip Malls

Another popular shipping method that seems to be cropping up in the most unusual of places are satellite shipping and postal service centers. They may be owned and operated by the post office or by another shipping company, but they are little offices located inside strip malls. Scales for weighing your package and printing labels are available, but these businesses typically do not have full service or counter service. Some of them also have drop boxes outside for after-hours service in case you have a package ready to go and want to drop it into the shipper's system late at night or very early in the morning. If you already need to go to the mall, you can cut driving time by dropping off your package this way.