How A Rigging Service Can Help You Move Heavy Equipment

Moving an object that weighs dozens of tons is not easy. You need specialists. You need riggers. They originally specialized in moving heavy equipment on and off of boats. They used a system of pulleys and cranes to move all sorts of objects. Over the years, these riggers learned a lot of trade secrets that they passed on from master to apprentice down through time. Today these secrets are used to help with moving all sorts of heavy objects. How do you move an object weighing fifty tons? Ask a rigger.

Lifting a Pump Jack

A pump jack is an awkward piece of equipment. You have the rotating hammer that can swing freely as you try to move the pump, and determining the center of balance so that you can lift it without risking tipping it over is not a straightforward operation. Rigging is not all about the physical operation of the various pieces of equipment involved. It also involves careful calculations to determine where to connect chains and what size of chains to use. While some of these calculations can be learned in the classroom, each piece of equipment will have its peculiarities and determining how to connect to an awkward piece of equipment is a skill learned on the job. 


Some pieces of equipment are so heavy that you have to use more than one crane to lift them. This requires two crane operators working in tandem. Because of the weight of the object being lifted and the power inherent to the cranes doing the lifting, the potential for disaster is exponential. In order to pull off the operation successfully, you need crane operators who know what they are doing, are used to working together, and are in all other ways prepared to pull the operation off. Riggers learn exactly this sort of skill through on-the-job training and experience. 


In order to lift extra-heavy pieces of equipment, you need equipment that is designed for just such a task. A crew of riggers will have semis and other equipment that are designed for using the heaviest objects out there. 

If you have an industrial cauldron, a pump jack, or any other abnormally heavy piece of equipment, you need to make sure you hire people who are trained to do what you need. When the time comes to move your valuable equipment, you can't take the task to a fresh-out-of-school engineer, you need someone who has been trained in the art of rigging and can bring centuries of learning how to move the heaviest equipment to bear for you. Contact a company like Lockwood Brothers Inc or a similar location for more tips and info.