The High Cost Of On-Demand Deliveries And How To Alleviate Your Anxiety

We live in a society where everything has to be possessed, and it has to be right now. Unfortunately, this attitude does not work quite so well in business. Trying to get everything you want, on demand and right now, is very expensive.

For example, you might ordinarily spend $8.95 to receive an order in five to seven business days. Demanding that you get it overnight means that you pay three to four times as much on shipping alone. If you only ordered something for twenty dollars or less, that really does not make good financial sense. Your buying anxieties may be part of it. Here is how to alleviate the anxiety and pay less shipping in the process.

Plan Ahead

Part of the problem with buying things on short notice and paying too much for shipping is that you did not plan ahead. Business deliveries usually have some advanced warning; a few days, a week, or, more commonly, a month. Put it on your calendar and use red pen with a circle around it. This will help you make the purchase in enough time so that you do not pay tons for faster delivery.

Breathe and Let Go

Anxiety about shopping should be something you can let go of in a single deep breath. If you are getting really anxious about something being delivered on time, you can pay a little extra for faster shipping, but do not go overboard. If you have enough business days for the shipment to arrive, then just breathe and let it go. Find a distraction. Tell yourself that it is okay that you do not get your order right now. If the anxiety gets to be too much, talk to a therapist.

Hire a "Gopher"

If you cannot take control of the impulse to overspend on shipping for business orders, hire a "gopher." This is somebody to whom you can delegate all of the company's ordering for supplies and special items. By creating a list of products that you buy regularly, the gopher knows exactly what to order and when. If there is something extra you need ordered for a special occasion, give the request to your gopher two weeks ahead of the time you need it. Trust that your gopher will get it on time, and then let the anxiety go. If he or she fails, you can always fire him or her.